Physical and Life Sciences

The study of science at King's Academy instructs students in the fundamentals of investigating phenomena in the world through systematic observation, the gathering of empirical evidence and the quantitative analysis of data. Students learn how to amass a body of objective knowledge about the world through the formulation of scientific hypotheses and their validation through experimentation, thereby creating an understanding of the laws and mechanisms that govern specific fields of inquiry from human biology to solid-state physics.

King’s Academy offers a comprehensive range of science courses. Ninth graders start their journey by taking a one-year introductory course in biology or physics. In the 10th grade, students experience the joy of chemistry in an introductory course. Upon completion of these two introductory courses, in addition to courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computational Thinking, students would be prepared to take more rigorous courses in the 11th and 12th grade, such as accelerated as well as advanced courses in biology, physics and chemistry.

Upon graduation, students will possess a scientific literacy that enables them to think critically not only about the material questions of science, but also about current issues in the various fields some of which include bioethics, genetic testing, global warming, climate change and nuclear power — which attest to the potential of science and technology as well as their limitations.

2024-2025 Course Descriptions