Mathematics and Computational Thinking

At King’s Academy, there is an appreciation for the intrinsic value of the study of mathematics: its power lies not within the mere manipulation of numbers, but in developing a mental discipline for approaching the solution of problems methodically and rationally. Leveraging a solid basis of mathematical knowledge and expertise in fundamental skills, the focus of the curriculum is the development of critical thinking by incorporating an ever increasing number of word problems of greater complexity as students transition from introductory to advanced courses in mathematics.

Computer science education means far more than learning how to use a computer, building a spreadsheet or even creating a webpage. It’s about problem solving, computational thinking and abstract reasoning across a broad range of subjects. A fundamental understanding of computer science enables students to be not just educated users of technology, but the innovators capable of using computers to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The department aims to assist students in learning logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, design and structured problem solving — all concepts and skills that are valuable well beyond the computer science classroom.

2024-2025 Course Descriptions