Date Day Event/Holiday
July 19-23 Monday-Friday Eid al Adha
August 10 Tuesday Islamic New Year
August 11-12 Wednesday-Thursday Leadership Team meetings
August 15-16 Sunday-Monday New faculty orientation
August 17-18 Tuesday-Wednesday All faculty orientation
August 18 Wednesday Proctors return
August 19 Thursday Departmental meetings
August 20 Friday International family arrival and reception
August 21 Saturday New student orientation (Upper School)
August 22 Sunday First day of school (Upper School)
August 24 Tuesday New student orientation (Middle School)
August 25 Wednesday First day of school (Middle School)
September 23-25 Thursday-Saturday Long weekend
October 13 Wednesday PSAT exam
October 14-15 Thursday-Friday Fall Parents Weekend
October 19 Tuesday Prophet's birthday
November 18-20 Thursday-Saturday Long weekend
December 16 Thursday First semester ends
December 17-January 8 Friday-Saturday Winter break
January 9 Sunday Second semester begins for Upper
School and Middle School
February 17-19 Thursday-Saturday Long weekend
March 11-19 Friday-Saturday Spring break
April 2 Saturday Ramadan begins
April 17 Sunday Palm Sunday
April 24-25 Sunday-Monday Easter
May 1-5 Sunday-Thursday Labor Day and Eid al Fitr
May 15 Sunday Finals for seniors
May 16 Monday Celebration of Learning
May 17-19 Tuesday-Thursday Final exams
May 19 Thursday Commencement
May 22-23 Sunday-Monday Faculty meetings and dinner
May 25 Wednesday Independence Day

*This calendar is subject to change.