At a Glance

Opening date: August 2007

Headmaster: Dr. John Austin Read more

Location: Off the King’s Highway in Manja, three kilometers from Madaba, 32 kilometers southwest of Amman.

Enrollment: King's is home to 660 male and female students, in grades 7 through 12, who came from 40 countries in the 2018-2019 academic year. About 72 percent of our students are boarders. The King's Academy Middle School opened in the fall of 2016 for grades 7 and 8.

Faculty: 127 highly experienced Jordanian and international faculty members from all around the world. Read more

Tuition: Upper School tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year is US $42,000 (29,800 JD) for day students and US $53,250 (37,750 JD) for boarding students.

Middle School tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year is US $26,600 (18,860 JD). Read more

Financial aid: Over 50 percent of students received some form of financial aid. Read more

Average class size: 13 students 

Student/teacher ratio: 6:1 

Boarding students/residential faculty ratio: 5:1

Curriculum: Coursework is based on the Advanced Placement Program, which is rooted in the classical tradition of liberal arts. It encompasses mathematics, sciences and the humanities, in addition to the fine arts and innovations in technologies. The curriculum is a dynamic one, adapted to the needs and values of students in the region. Read more

Language: English is the language of instruction. All native speakers of Arabic continue a rigorous Arabic course of study throughout their stay at King’s Academy. Non-Arabic-speaking students study Arabic as a second language. Students also study other languages, such as Spanish, French or Chinese. Read more

Campus: 34 major buildings built on 575 dunums (144 acres). The campus was designed by renowned Egyptian architect and Director of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London Khaled Azzam.  

Dormitories: Boys and girls are housed in separate dorms under 24-hour supervision by faculty members who live in their own apartments within the dorms. The campus includes eight dormitories that accommodate some 450 students in single bedrooms. All dormitories include common rooms, kitchenettes, common bathrooms, laundry rooms and faculty apartments. Dormitory common rooms are equipped with a wireless internet connection. Read more

Athletic facilities: Extensive sports and recreational facilities, including the 5,548 square meter Athletic Center accommodating exercise facilities, a semi-Olympic swimming pool and squash, handball and basketball courts. There is also an outdoor sports stadium, including a full-size football field, two additional football fields and tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. Read more

Library: The HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library houses a broad and impressive collection of literary, historical, technical and reference works – equally rich in both Arabic and English. The building’s warm, book-lined walls, its sunny balconies and its long reading tables are designed to encourage browsing, silent time spent in study and reflection, and an abiding love of books and literature. Read more

Dining: The Hess Family Dining Hall is the center of campus life. Meals are offered three times a day, seven days a week for students, faculty and staff. The Hess Family Dining Hall has a total area of 2,228 square meters and can seat up to 700 people. Read more

Auditorium: The magnificent Abdul Majeed Shoman Auditorium serves not just the students but the community as a whole. This state-of-the-art facility seats 700 people and is the perfect space for music concerts, theatrical performances and dance recitals. In addition to school events, the auditorium serves as a gathering place for weekly meetings between the headmaster and the entire school. Read more

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February 12, 2019