Guiding Principles

Guiding PrinciplesA King’s Academy’s education is defined by a comprehensive focus on our students' development in every sense: intellectual, personal, physical, social and ethical. The five universal values that best express what we strive to impart to our students are:


Tolerance is a beginning, but it is not sufficient. What we hope to instill in our students is an empathetic understanding of one another and a sense of respect that traverses all student relationships, be it between each other, towards their teachers and families or with regard to the community as a whole.

Love of Learning

We do not want our students to perceive their education as simply utilitarian – one that is a mere instrument for their future success. Instead, we hope to foster in them a genuine love of learning for its own sake and a desire to acquire knowledge in and for itself.


Along with the privileges of being part of King’s Academy come responsibilities. Students will learn that they are stewards of what they receive and that it is their responsibility to pass on this stewardship to others, such as younger students and the community as a whole.

By extension, students at King’s Academy will have a lifelong responsibility to use their education to help and enhance possibilities for others. A belief in and commitment to social service as well as a striving for social justice for others less fortunate will form an essential part of the ethos of the school.

An Integrated Life

We do not aim to teach students what to think but rather how to think. Students’ belief systems are a personal matter between their families and themselves. Whatever our students’ beliefs, King’s Academy stresses that balance is critical to human well-being. What we at King’s strive to teach our students is how to integrate all aspects of their lives – academic, social, spiritual and physical – in the context of a boarding school environment in which we learn not only about the world but about ourselves.

Global Citizenship

King’s Academy is first and foremost a Jordanian school. But it is also a regional school, and ultimately a school of the world. The student body will be diverse geographically, economically, ethnically and religiously and we aim to raise in our students an awareness of different peoples.

We will impart to them universal values, applicable in all cultures and at the same time encourage their unique sense of belonging to the Middle East.

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November 16, 2016