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Unlike many other schools in Jordan and the Middle East, King’s Academy is a not-for-profit school driven by its mission. The founding vision of His Majesty for King’s as a school of peace and transformation is at the heart of our own belief in young people as our greatest resource – and hope – for the future. 

With 50 percent of students receiving need-based financial assistance, King’s Academy’s commitment to educational opportunity is both pioneering and unprecedented. Few schools in the Middle East – indeed few schools in the world – share this commitment. 

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Global Online Academy

We are proud members of GOA, whose programs offer our students a way to pursue their passions, learn with peers from around the globe, and acquire and practice modern learning skills that will serve them well in college, career, and life.

GOA courses are taught by experienced faculty from renowned peer schools all over the world. This is a new kind of online class where relationships and connections drive students to share their perspectives and learn from those of others.

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Articles and Addresses

May 2018
Artists of Learning (Article in Beyond King's 2018)

March 2018
Letter from the Headmaster about Alcohol and Tobacco

October 2017
Remarks on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary

September 2017
Responsible Disobedience (School meeting)

August 2017
Education and the Spirit of Fasting  (Convocation Address 2017)

May 2017
Why King’s Exists: Outlining a Vision for the Future (Article in Beyond King’s 2017)

February 2017
The Boarding Advantage (Letter to parents)

February 2017
Seven Opportunities Every Student Should Consider Taking Before Graduating (Letter to parents)

November 2016
In the Elevator (School meeting)

October 2016
The Future of Learning (Parents Weekend 2016)

September 2016
A Different Kind of Story: Hope, Tolerance and Peace (School meeting)

May 2016
Why a middle school? (Article in Beyond King’s 2016, adapted from an article in the Rexonian)

October 2015
Why the Arts Matter (Parents Weekend 2015 and Beyond King’s 2016)

August 2015
The Challenge of Leadership (Convocation Address 2015)