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Unlike many other schools in Jordan and the Middle East, King’s Academy is a not-for-profit school driven by its mission. The founding vision of His Majesty for King’s as a school of peace and transformation is at the heart of our own belief in young people as our greatest resource – and hope – for the future. 

With 50 percent of students receiving need-based financial assistance, King’s Academy’s commitment to educational opportunity is both pioneering and unprecedented. Few schools in the Middle East – indeed few schools in the world – share this commitment. 

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Global Online Academy

We are proud members of GOA, whose programs offer our students a way to pursue their passions, learn with peers from around the globe, and acquire and practice modern learning skills that will serve them well in college, career, and life.

GOA courses are taught by experienced faculty from renowned peer schools all over the world. This is a new kind of online class where relationships and connections drive students to share their perspectives and learn from those of others.

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Head of School's Corner

Dear prospective students and parents,

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I am delighted to welcome you to the King’s Academy website.

Founded in 2007 and inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and his experience as a student at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, King’s Academy offers an educational experience like no other available in the world today – an experience that, we believe, prepares young people of exceptional promise not only for the rigors of the best colleges and universities in the world, but also for the challenges of a 21st century characterized by rapid change, global interdependence and unprecedented opportunity.

Our educational program represents a synthesis of the educational traditions of East and West, of the cultures and language of the Arab world and of the Anglo-American ideal of a residential boarding school committed to the virtues of respect, responsibility and leadership. In this way King’s Academy both honors the past and aspires to be a school of the future. Our deepest aspiration is to graduate young men and women who will shape the future of Jordan, the Middle East and the world.

In 2016, King’s opened the Middle School for grades 7 and 8. The addition of these grades allows us to deepen our mission, extend the educational runway for students, and design a more powerful and integrated curriculum. And it  provides our older students with additional opportunities for growth, learning and leadership – as mentors, tutors, and big brothers and big sisters of younger students. 

As you explore our website, I would encourage you to learn more about:


Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, our academic program provides opportunities for both breadth and depth of study. We offer Advanced Placement exams in 28 subjects, as well as a variety of electives in history, religion and the arts, including courses in vocal and instrumental music, dance, theater, sculpture, drawing and painting.


We expect students to take responsibility for themselves, for one another and ultimately for their world. To this end, our students are involved in a range of athletic, service and co-curricular activities. And as King’s Academy is a member of Round Square, a worldwide association of more than 180 schools on six continents committed to global citizenship and leadership, our students volunteer for a variety of local and international service projects.


Our most precious and important resource is our faculty, who bring to their teaching a deep passion for their fields of study, an intuitive understanding of how young people learn and a commitment to working with students in all aspects of their lives. Students are assigned an advisor who closely monitors their learning and growth and regularly communicates with parents. Our experienced team of university counselors works closely with students and their parents to identify colleges ideally suited to their talents and interests and guides them through the process.


In the belief that diversity educates in ways that formal instruction cannot, we welcome students from all socio-economic backgrounds, faiths and cultural backgrounds. Our students come from all parts of Jordan, from throughout the region and from 40 countries around the world. Over 48 percent of our students receive financial aid and our financial aid budget stands at over US $13 million.


Our campus of 575 dunums (144 acres), designed by renowned Egyptian architect Khaled Azzam and situated just five kilometers from the historic city of Madaba and a short drive from the Dead Sea, is among the most beautiful in the world.

Of course no description of our school can capture its spirit and energy or the unique feel of our community. So, it is our hope that you will visit. I look forward to personally welcoming you to King’s and sharing with you our hopes and aspirations. In the meantime, we welcome your inquiries and questions.


Dr. John Austin 
Head of School