Rania Al-Natsheh

Rania Al-Natsheh
Faculty Member, Arabic, Department of CRLA and Department of World Languages
B.A., University of Jordan

Rania Al-Natsheh obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Italian and English literature from the University of Jordan in 2009. That same year, she began working as an Arabic teacher and supervisor at the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman. She also helped write books on language for the institute and later became the academic director of the Critical Language Scholarship program.

In 2012, Ms. Al-Natsheh joined Human Appeal International as a translator, editor and designer before moving to the United Kingdom to continue her work there the following year. She has also taught Arabic at Ali Baba International Center, Malik Center, Dante Alighieri and, most recently, AMIDEAST.

Ms. Al-Natsheh joined King’s Academy in 2016 as a teacher of Arabic in the Department of Communication, Rhetoric and the Literary Arts (CRLA). In 2017, she also began teaching Arabic as a foreign language in the Department of World Languages.