Fatima Al-Yousef

Fatima Al-Yousef
Electronic Communications Manager
B.S., University of Jordan

Fatima Al-Yousef was born and raised in Amman. While studying for her Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems (BIS) at the University of Jordan, Ms. Al-Yousef interned at King's Academy during the summer of 2007. Upon her graduation the following semester, she was hired by King's full-time in the Department of Information Technology as an IT systems coordinator.

Driven by her passion for animation, Ms. Al-Yousef returned to school in 2009 and earned a diploma in digital animation from the SAE Institute. In an effort to enrich student awareness on the subject, she began teaching 3D animation as a co-curricular activity at the Academy in 2010.

In 2011, Ms. Al-Yousef began working in the Department of Communications and Publications as an electronic communications coordinator. In 2015, she took on the role of electronic communications manager.