Dragana Babic Al-Mahasneh

Dragana Babic Al-Mahasneh
Head, Department of Mathematics and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
B.S., Zagreb University
M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY)

Dragana Babic Al-Mahasneh was born and raised in Vukovar, Croatia. Although mathematics was her favorite subject at school from the 5th grade onwards, she decided to study naval architecture at university. In 1994, she received a Master in Naval Architecture degree from Zagreb’s University of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

In 1996, Ms. Babic Al-Mahasneh returned to her hometown, where she began working for the United Nations. It was there that she met her husband, who was an officer in the Jordanian battalion, a part of United Nations peacekeeping forces.

She moved to Jordan in 1997, got married and had two children. Upon realizing that it was “impossible to build ships in the desert,” she took up teaching as a career. She spent four years teaching math at Amman's Modern American School before joining King's Academy as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics in 2007. In 2010, she was named head of that department and in 2013, she was named associate dean of academic affairs. That same year she obtained a Master’s degree in multidisciplinary studies from the State University of New York College at Buffalo (SUNY).