School Nurse

King’s Academy is seeking to hire a School Nurse for its Health Center, which is part of the Office of Student Life. The successful candidate, who will report to the Medical Director and to the Wellness and Advising Director, will have the following primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide nursing services including medications and injections to patients as directed by the providers and community health resources; and health instruction to patients or following examinations. 
  • Monitor patient flow – in the case of patient overflow, assists health aides in preparation of examination rooms, preparation of patients for exam and taking of vital signs of patients – in addition to other routine procedures (i.e. weighing and measuring) as necessary.
  • Assist the Medical Director in adequately refilling routine medical supplies, reorder supplies through established purchasing procedures and constantly supply different locations as needed including Health Center, mini clinic as well as all school first aid boxes.
  • Maintain the order and hygiene of the Health Center and the mini clinic’s equipment and stations, following the health guidelines given by the Medical Director.
  • Maintain updated file of referrals and provide referral information to the Medical Director.
  • Refer to students’ file information before making any medical decision, including giving over-the-counter medication.
  • Under the guidance of the Wellness and Advising Director and the Medical Director, cooperate with faculty, deans and advisors as needed for issues pertaining to students’ general emotional and physical wellness.
  • Maintain updated medical records for new and returning students, and follow up with parents as needed for providing the records and keeping them up to date.
  • Log in all medical calls and drop-in patients for the clinic by entering all information on the software SNAP.
  • Participate in general and medical staff meetings as required.
  • Assist the Medical Director on matters relating to nursing practices and participate in the development of policies and protocols for patient care.
  • Collaborate in preparing and adhering to the schedule written by the Medical Director or Wellness and Advising Director to cover the Health Center 24/7 as needed and to be on call as needed, covering different areas, including but not limited to the Health Center, Academy Building mini clinic, Athletic Center and athletic fields.
  • Be ready to fully commit to any shift – morning, afternoon and night.
  • Abide by the pre-prepared list of medications and dosage authorized for nurses as per the official list of the Health Center in line with relevant Jordanian and international standards.
  • Distribute student medication as instructed by the Medical Director.
  • Keep all medications in safely locked cabinets at all times.
  • Refer all cases to the Medical Director as needed.
  • Respond promptly to telephone calls regarding patients (students and members of the community) for proper action.
  • Treat cases that occur during the evening in the Health Center.
  • Accompany students to their medical appointments and attend to them as needed.
  • Escort emergency and outpatient cases.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by his/her immediate supervisor, Wellness and Advising Director or the Dean of Students.


Candidates should have an accredited diploma or college degree in nursing and a minimum of two years of professional experience. Experience in an educational setting is a plus. Adequate fluency in both spoken and written Arabic and English as well as administrative skills and the ability to work on computerized systems is required.

Only candidates meeting the above pre-requisites will be contacted for interviews.

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Last updated
April 23, 2017