Arabic Teaching Fellow Position

The King’s Academy Teaching Fellow program is a two-year program that exists to train new teachers, offer them an opportunity at actual classroom teaching and all the duties associated with a boarding school, and provide a supportive seminar in which the novice teachers meet with veteran teachers and discuss issues, strategies, techniques, readings, and their writings about the teaching profession. Successful candidates, who will be supervised and mentored by the dean of the faculty, will have the following duties:

  • Typically teach eight to 12 periods per week and observe a minimum of one class per day with an experienced teacher
  • Responsible for regular attendance at all school meetings, faculty meetings and department meetings unless prior arrangements are made with the dean of the faculty, dean of students and/or department chair
  • Sharing main meals with the students no more than four times a week
  • Directing or co-directing two or three terms of a co-curricular activity (for example, a sporting or artistic activity, community service, the newspaper, the yearbook or any other activity arranged with the headmaster or the dean of students). Activities can be “major” ones meeting three times a week or “minor” ones meeting one time a week
  • Attending the Teaching Fellow Seminar led by the dean of the faculty
  • Attending Arabic classes offered through Global Online Academy (GOA) or on campus
  • Attending certain programmatic school events such as Parents Weekend, Orientation Week, Commencement, test preparation, etc. whether these are held during the week or on weekends
  • Participating in the weekend teams that take turns providing cover for boarding students throughout the year (the frequency of the shift depends on the number of groups, with one weekend every six weeks being the norm)
  • Supervising student dorm rooms and/or study hall one to two evenings a week

Note: King’s Academy seeks teaching fellows who can coach sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, (varsity level), tennis, swimming and weight training as well as lead co-curricular activities such as publications, MUN, debate, drama and yoga.


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November 4, 2018