Arabic Faculty Member

A typical faculty teaching load at the Upper School includes:

  • A minimum of 20 periods a week and responsibility for around 60 students
  • Two seasons of co-curriculars (four afternoons a week for two seven-week seasons)
  • Residential, supervisory and committee responsibilities
  • Advisory role to an average group of six students
  • Evening duty up to twice a week and weekend duty once every five or six weeks (for residential faculty only)

Furthermore, faculty members are expected to attend special events and meetings including those occasionally scheduled on weekends, such as new faculty orientation, student orientation, faculty meetings, departmental meetings, house meetings, advisor meetings, parents weekends and Commencement. 

Various educational and character-building activities for students (e.g. community service) take place on weekends and during the summer. Faculty members are expected to volunteer as chaperones as per their interest and if selected to perform such duties during these trips. In short, being a teacher at King’s requires spirit and dedication. The qualities that our own faculty recognize as most essential to their success here include patience, energy, resilience, a genuine love of young people, sensitivity to cultural difference, adaptability and a commitment, in the classroom and beyond, to continued improvement.

Note: King’s Academy seeks faculty members who can coach sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, (varsity level), tennis, swimming and weight training as well as lead co-curricular activities such as publications, MUN, debate, drama and yoga.


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December 17, 2017