Middle School Vacancies 2017-2018

Faculty Members

Thank you for your interest. All faculty member positions for the Middle School have been filled.​

A typical faculty teaching load at the Middle School includes:

  • A minimum of 24 periods a week and responsibility for around 60 students
  • After-school activities (four afternoons a week for two seven-week seasons)
  • Residential, supervisory and committee responsibilities
  • Advisory role to an average group of 12 students
  • Evening duty up to twice a week and weekend duty once every five or six weeks

Furthermore, faculty members are expected to attend special events and meetings including those occasionally scheduled on weekends, such as Orientation Week, faculty meetings, departmental meetings, house meetings, advisor meetings, Parents Weekend and Commencement. 

Various educational and character-building activities for students (e.g. community service) take place on weekends and during the summer. Faculty members are expected to volunteer as chaperones as per their interest and if selected to perform such duties during these trips. In short, being a teacher at King’s requires spirit and dedication. The qualities that our own faculty recognize as most essential to their success here include patience, energy, resilience, a genuine love of young people, sensitivity to cultural difference, adaptability and a commitment, in the classroom and beyond, to continued improvement. 

Teaching Fellows

Thank you for your interest. All teaching fellow positions for the Middle School have been filled.​

The King’s Academy Teaching Fellow program exists to train new teachers, offer them an opportunity at actual classroom teaching and all the duties associated with a boarding school, and provide a supportive seminar in which the novice teachers meet with veteran teachers and discuss issues, strategies, techniques, readings and writings about the teaching profession. Successful candidates, who are supervised and mentored by the Dean of the Faculty, have the following duties:

  • Typically teach twelve to 15 periods per week and attend one class per day with an experienced teacher
  • Responsible for regular attendance at school, faculty and departmental meetings unless prior arrangements are made with the Dean of the Faculty and/or department chair
  • Responsible for up to three sit-down meals per week
  • Involved in after school co-curricular activities (e.g. athletics, performing arts, community service, the newspaper, the yearbook or whatever else is agreed upon by the Dean of the Faculty and the Dean of Students) for four days a week
  • Attend certain programmatic school events such as Parents Weekend, Orientation Week, Commencement, test preparation, etc. whether these are held during the week or on weekends
  • Serve as part of a weekend team that in rotation provides weekend coverage for full boarders at regular intervals throughout the year (the frequency depends on the number of teams but typically averages one weekend every four weeks)
  • Supervise dorm and/or study hall up to two evenings per week

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