Yazeed Abdulla

Yazeed Abdulla

Titles: Health Center Resident Doctor
Degrees: M.D., University of Jordan

Yazeed Abdulla obtained his medical degree from the University of Jordan in 2017. Most recently, he worked as a resident doctor in the emergency department at Al Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center in Amman. He also worked and trained at Prince Faisal Government Hospital in Zarqa, at Jordan University Hospital in Amman, and at Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute in New York.

Dr. Abdulla is a member of the American Heart Association. He has completed courses on “Trauma Emergencies and Care” and “Medical Emergencies: Airway, Breathing and Circulation” offered by the University of Colorado, and “COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers” by Stanford University.

Dr. Abdulla joined King’s Academy in 2022 as the resident doctor of the Ras al Asad Health Center.