Ali Abu Shukur

Ali Abu Shukur

Titles: Faculty Member, Department of History, Religion and Society
Degrees: B.A., M.A., Jordan University
Ph.D., Yarmouk University

Born and raised in Kuwait, Jordanian Dr. Ali Abushukur obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Islamic studies from the University of Jordan followed by a Ph.D. in hadith from Yarmouk University.

Dr. Abushukur worked at the Jubilee School in Amman for 14 years, where he taught Islamic studies and headed the department of humanities. He then moved to Saudi Arabia where, over the next decade, he taught at the University of Ha’il in addition to supervising graduate students.

In 2020, he moved back to Jordan and resumed his position as Islamic studies teacher and head of the humanities department at Jubilee School. Dr. Abushukur has published six research papers in various magazines, in addition to an independent book.

Dr. Abushukur joined King’s Academy in 2021 as a faculty member in the Department of History, Religion and Society.